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*** What to expect with your curbside appointment ***

We are missing all our clients smiling faces, and cannot wait until we can welcome you into the clinic again! We have been dealing with high caseloads for many reasons associated with the pandemic (including veterinary clinic closures and postponed procedures). We also have been seeing an abundance of adorable kittens and puppies -- especially poodle-mixes, lovingly nicknamed "Covidoodles"!

Due to this high caseload and the small size of our waiting area, we will continue with our “curbside” appointments for the foreseeable future.

But what does this mean?

  • Please pull up to the curb and give us a call when you arrive (734-388-0102). A technician will take a brief history over the phone and go over all your questions & concerns for the doctor.

  • Please then walk your pet to our door for the technician to retrieve. We do ask all that dogs are on leashes and all cats / pocket pets are in an appropriate carrier - safety first!

  • The technician will grab a weight and vitals on your pet and inform the doctor of everything you have spoke about.

  • Dr. Jen or Dr. Anna will perform a physical exam to assess your pets health. They'll also get cookies and ear rubs as needed!

  • The doctor will then call you to discuss their exam findings as well as all your concerns and questions in detail.

  • Once the doctor has spoke with you about diagnostics, vaccinations and recommended treatments, we will perform them (time for more cookies, pets and praise).

  • Our receptionist will call you to take payment over the phone. A full estimate can be talked through or emailed at any time -- and always before performing more advanced procedures or diagnostic testing.

  • We will then bring your pet back to you, as well as usually a printed discharge form that explains everything we talked about at your visit.

Rest assured that all of your pets are getting lots of love and attention during their visit to MiVet: hanging out in the doctor's office, cuddles and snacks to make their visit as comfortable as possible.

Let us know if your pet has specific preferences or if there is anything in particular that you think will help make your visit run more smoothly.

We can’t wait to see you!

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