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Wow, what a rollercoaster we have had!

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

We are flying through the first portion of 2020 and quickly approaching our one year anniversary in May.

It's crazy to think that some dog-walking chats between Jen and I have turned into a fully fledged small animal clinic. Every day is a joy, getting to do the job we love and to spend our time with some amazing people - both staff and clients.

Our days are busy (which is fantastic), and our team is positive and dedicated (which is even better!). We have been so fortunate to have received so much support.

Getting to this point has us reflecting on how far we have come since our first few weeks, bumbling through new practice ownership. We started with no paper towel dispensers, empty cupboards in every exam room and an ordering delay on microchips and Rabies tags...

Within our first few months, we stocked up on supplies and organized our workspaces. We got to know each other and our workflow. With the help of a truly inspiring team of people, we now are well set-up to perform most of the services we intend on offering:

* Vaccination and preventive medicine *

* Dental Procedures in a dedicated dental suite *

(including dental x-ray & surgical extractions )

* Full soft tissue surgery in our surgery suite *

* In-house diagnostics *

* Separate dog and cat/exotic waiting areas and wards *

* Home visits for end-of-life care *

* Urgent care during our office hours *

Through this blog, we are hoping to share some insight into our clinic and our team, help with some education posts, and connect with our clients and community.

We are so excited to be a part of Dexter, and we cannot wait to see you!

- Dr. Anna

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