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Clinical Support Staff


What is a Veterinary Assistant?

Our Veterinary Assistants work as phelbotomists, lab techs, receptionists, hospital nurses, anesthesia techs, and personal assistants - and sometimes all in one day!

Our Veterinary Assistants are excellent at obtaining clinical histories, and have an extensive knowledge of vaccinations, preventive care and wellness care in our patients.

They know what is normal and what is not; they're able to take vitals, perform a brief examination and let our Doctors know what areas to focus on.

They are great at blood sampling, administration of injections and oral medications, dispensing medications and managing our pharmacy, wound management, animal handling and assisting our Vet Nurses with anesthetic monitoring and more advanced procedures.


What is a Veterinary Nurse?

Veterinary Nurse is a newer term that is being slowly being adopted around the US, and is designated to our Licensed Veterinary Technicians (LVTs). To be an LVT, or Vet Nurse, you have to pass a licensing exam after completing a course approved by the AVMA (Animal Veterinary Medication Association) - either a degree or online 2-4 year course with clinical work requirements.

Our Nurses have an extensive knowledge of physiology, disease, medication metabolism and anesthesia. They perform and monitor our general anesthesia patients, manage our urgent care cases and help train and oversee our Veterinary Assistants.

They are involved extensively in client education and are always ready to lend a supportive ear and help with managing chronic conditions and minor ailments.


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