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Pet Travel

MiVet Animal Clinic is excited to help you with your pet travel or relocation needs! 

Our Doctors are USDA certified and experienced in completion of both domestic and international health certificates.

For international travel, we recommend that you employ the use of a reputable pet travel company to help with airline booking and travel planning. Please note that we are unable to help with expedited or short-notice international travel.

Please carefully read the information on this page and fill in as much detail as you have, as early in the process as possible.

Information that you enter will be submitted via appropriate certificates to the USDA and so should be carefully checked to be complete and accurate. MiVet Animal Clinic is not liable for any fees or responsibility for time delays or declined entry due to errors within information you supply to us.

Once you have submitted the information attached, please call the clinic to arrange an initial Doctor exam and consultation.

International destinations require a minimum of 30 days notice, but may need 60-90 days notice depending on specific requirements for travel.

Owners are responsible for reviewing applicable information for your port of entry at the USDA Pet Travel website and with any chosen airline.

Please note that return into the US will required you to contact a veterinarian at your destination.​




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