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Updated: Mar 24

We have been reviewing recent developments with COVID-19, especially with the executive order from Gov. Whitmer today, and we continue to adapt our practices to play our part in keeping our community healthy.

We want you to know that we are still here to help your pets and you through this difficult time. Your pets health and well-being is important to us, and we are not planning on going anywhere. We have been conducting curbside drop-off appointments for a full week, and have rescheduled all our routine and elective appointments and procedures.

We are here and available for emergencies and urgent care, and have a variety of other services available remotely.

Here are some important updates:

- Call us on 734-388-0102 when you arrive at the clinic, so that we can take a clinical history before bringing your pet into the clinic.

- For urgent appointments, phone consultations and medication pick-up, we are asking that clients pay remotely (no cash or checks in most circumstances). We have added multiple payment options on our website including debit/credit card payments, Care Credit and PayPal to make this as smooth as possible!

- Our online store is a good alternative to leaving home for preventives and medication refills as well as treats, toys and diets.

- Purina Proplan and veterinary prescription diets are available through our online Purina portal: using clinic ID M2K3E.

- Your pets information, including vaccination information, is available on our online portal. Online booking for phone consultations will be available soon.

- Our opening hours will remain 8-6 weekdays and 9-12 on Saturday mornings - we are not planning to change these.

13 Animal emergencies that require immediate veterinary

consultation and/or care

This list was obtained from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)

  1. Severe bleeding or bleeding that doesn't stop within five minutes

  2. Choking, difficulty breathing or nonstop coughing and gagging

  3. Bleeding from nose, mouth, rectum, coughing up blood, or blood in urine

  4. Inability to urinate or pass feces (stool), or obvious pain associated with urinating or passing stool

  5. Injuries to your pet's eye(s)

  6. You suspect or know your pet has eaten something poisonous (such as antifreeze, xylitol, chocolate, rodent poison, etc.)

  7. Seizures and/or staggering

  8. Fractured bones, severe lameness or inability to move leg(s)

  9. Obvious signs of pain or extreme anxiety

  10. Heat stress or heatstroke

  11. Severe vomiting or diarrhea – more than two episodes in a 24-hour period, or either of these combined with obvious illness or any of the other problems listed here

  12. Refusal to drink for 24 hours or more

  13. Unconsciousness

The bottom line is that ANY concern about your pet's health warrants, at minimum, a call to your veterinarian.

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To our clients,

Due to the recent concern for the Covid-19 outbreak, we have made temporary changes to our existing appointment and medication pick-up protocols in an effort to keep you and our staff safe.

We are minimizing person-to-person contact by switching to

curbside drop-off appointments and phone consultations,

on a case by case basis, from 3/17 at 8am.

  • Elective and routine appointments (including vaccinations) will be postponed for at least 2 weeks until we have a better understanding of the current situation.

  • Dogs and outdoor cats who are at risk of missing their vaccine booster window, or are >2 months overdue may be scheduled for drop-off appointments.

  • Surgeries such as dentals can remain as scheduled since these are already drop-off appointments.

Our aim, as ever, is to ALWAYS be available for urgent care and sick pet appointments for our clients during our opening hours.


Please call us on 734-388-0102 to schedule, and on your arrival to our clinic.

Over the phone, we will obtain a clinical history and discuss our plan for your pet. In most cases, we will request that you bring your pet to the door and wait in your car while your pets’ exam and treatments are performed.

Phone Consultations:

The cost of phone consultations will be $40. Phone consultations can be requested and discussed based on your pet’s need. If your pet has been physically examined by us in the past 6-12 months, we will be able to dispense medications. Otherwise, we will schedule a curbside drop-off appointment as necessary.

Medications pickup (curbside pickup):

We ask that you call to request your medication refills. A doctor or technician will let you now if and when your prescription will be ready for pickup. We will contact you for over-the-phone payment and ask that you call when you arrive at our location so we can bring your medication to the door. This will minimize contact and therefore reduce the risk of transmission.

Preventives and refill medications can be ordered for home delivery here.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we try to navigate this together.

Please call us on 734-388-0102 if we can help you in any way or if you have specific questions regarding your pet(s). We recommend the below reputable sources for further research.

Washtenaw County Health Department:

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services:

American Veterinary Medical Association: Centers for Disease Control: World Health Organization:

  • MiVet Animal Clinic

In the wake of recent news and client questions, we wanted to prepare some information regarding how we are monitoring updates on COVID-19 regarding our pet patients, as well as what precautions we are taking to protect the people in our community.

COVID-19 has not currently been linked with disease in companion animals. Although the virus has been isolated from one dog (to date), multiple international and domestic health organizations have indicated that companion animals are not considered at risk for contracting or spreading the virus at this time.

That being said, it would be sensible to increase hand-washing (especially after touching your pet and before eating or touching your face) and monitor your pet and human family closely for any signs of illness.

More information about animals and COVID-10 is available here.

From our opening day, we have taken pride in our infection control. As part of this, our hands are washed and all surfaces cleaned with appropriate disinfectants between every patient. We have reviewed our disinfection protocols to ensure they follow the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and will be increasing how frequently we sanitize surfaces, door handles, and our non-clinical areas.

We have always had hand sanitizer available in reception, and hand-washing facilities in every exam room - we encourage you to use these facilities regularly.

We want you to feel comfortable visiting us, and to know that the health of our clients and our team is just as important as the health of our patients. If you feel unwell or have a fever, we encourage you to call us and reschedule your appointments.

Stay well,

The Team At

MiVet Animal Clinic

Please call us on 734-388-0102 if we can help you in any way or if you have specific questions regarding your pet(s).

We recommend the below reputable sources for further research.

Washtenaw County Health Department:

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services:

American Veterinary Medical Association:

Centers for Disease Control:

World Health Organization:

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